"A lua que te ilumina, Terra da cor dos olhos de quem olha! A paz que se adivinha Na tua solidão Que nenhuma mesquinha Condição Pode compreender e povoar! O mistério da tua imensidão Onde o tempo caminha Sem chegar!..." Miguel Torga


We are in the heart of Alentejo. Surrounded by the bucolic cork-oak plantations and the endless plains, where you can find another beautiful side of life. Country silence echoes the chant and we almost imagine the noise of the harvest and pastoral work. To follow this choir, one can hear the cuckoo's toad in unison with the crickets. We exchanged the huts for cozy dwellings, where we can experience the true Alentejo. In the summer, the heat counteracts the smell of wet land in the winter. But the sky, whatever the season, is always starry and endorse the uniqueness of this place. To receive us we have Bengi and Pantufa and also our newest guess Bolota, the house dogs. As in the contiguous city, we have a fountain from where we drink water from the “cocho” (cork bowl). And as tales tell, we know that whoever drinks this water will come back for sure. We like progress, but we rate this experience by opposition to worldly and city habits. Communication is essentially with yourself and your followers. But don’t fool yourself: you won’t be alone. Enjoy the splendid sunsets or the burst of the beautiful auroras. These are the views we have to offer you from our Alentejo.